Born in 1950, she started painting with water colours in 1990. At present, she paints mainly with acrylic resin. 
She also makes sculptures of bronze. These various techniques are for her very inspiring and intensify each other.

She often tries to reflect her feelings and emotions in a symbolic way, or paints intuitively. When something touches her, something beautiful like for instance a song or a poem, but also something that shocks or saddens, it often emerges subconsciously during painting or sculpturing. Through that art exists with a mystical, sometimes spiritual look. Every work of art has so its own story to tell.
Circles are a regular part in her work.  
She frequently uses different kinds of materials in the base of her paintings, to allow the structures that arise to contribute to the eventual result.
Her bronzes are mostly abstracted humane figures also sometimes combined with circles of stainless steal.
To her, painting and sculpturing is a collaboration and excursion to discover her limits. She can lose herself completely in this. Sometimes it is a struggle, but she is always curious as to what the next step will be and continues to surprise herself.
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